Sunday, August 30, 2009

Font Problems with Safari after installing Snow Leopard

I thought I would make a quick post in case anyone else who happens upon my blog is having this issue:

I installed Snow Leopard last night and, ever since, my fonts in Safari have been incredibly whacky. I fixed the problem by, first, using fontbook's "resolve duplicates" function. That helped a little, but there were still some funny fonts so I manually went to my arial font (my default font) and looked at the preview in fontbook. Sure enough, there was a duplicate in that set and one of them was definitely NOT arial. I deleted it and everything is back to normal. So, if you are having a similar problem, check duplicates in your default fonts because that may be where your problem lies!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I was having the same problem, and it was driving me nuts. I found a renegade suitcase in the Times section of fontbook. The example was clearly not Times. I've deleted it, and everything seems to be working. For now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man, you're a life saver :)

Han said...

You really really are THANKS!!!