Sunday, August 30, 2009


So, I follow Dean Ween aka Mickey Melchiondo aka Mussels Marinara  of Ween on youtube (his username is djankle) and he recently posted a video of their concert in Oregon. It definitely stirred up my Ween addiction. I've seen Ween live five times and every time was amazing.....even the ones where lame and smelly hippie people had their nasty armpits too close to my face. I really want Ween to come back to Madison (it would be so easy for me to get to the Orpheum any night!), but I don't think they ever will again because some EEEDIOTS threw crap on the stage and made Glenn bleed. I hate people sometimes.

Photo taken by me at The Roy in Minneapolis last year.
Completely off subject, but last night on a whim I went to the Apple Store and purchased Snow Leopard. I had been thinking about it and wasn't going to drop the $29, but then I saw a lot of good things said about it on Twitter. I installed it and, I must say, my computer seems to run faster. Also, preview is a lot nicer. I haven't gotten to play around with the new Quicktime very much (was never a big user of it in the past), but I opened it and it looks like it has a lot of new features. I haven't checked my computer, but I read that Snow leopard takes up less room than Leopard did. If that is true, I like that a lot. Overall, though, it doesn't *look* much different, but I guess that is what you get for $29.

Ren & Stimpy video just because that show is AWESOME~

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