Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another day, another day...

I think I am beginning to get into the "groove" of things at work. Most things are coming a lot easier, although there are still a lot of challenging projects and things to learn. The people I work with are great-they are extremely friendly and very helpful. This week is a little busier than last week because the art manager is out of town on a business trip so everyone is picking up his work. I am trying to keep up with everyone and take as much as possible off of their hands-especially the simple-but-time-consuming projects that I can easily do. Tomorrow is Friday, which means I will be done at noon! Hooray!

This week has not only been a busy week at's been busy at home. Every night it seems I have been doing something. I cleaned everything really well, I went grocery shopping, and I even decorated my bathroom (it's now a lovely monkey theme!). Tomorrow we are going to a Brewers game. I am very excited-it's only my second game of the year!! We moved here so we would be closer to Milwaukee, but with all of the flooding and re-routing, it's actually going to be a very long drive tomorrow. Saturday we are going to a cookout at Ian's sister's house. Sunday we are going to relax...we might even go to the zoo!!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to give a short update!! I will hopefully post more soon with pictures. :)

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