Friday, July 3, 2009


There haven't been many good new movies in quite awhile! I saw Public Enemies this past week. It was decent. Definitely one of my least favorite Depp films, though! I've been watching a lot of television. I am getting myself so absorbed in these celebrity deaths and divorces lately. It's, like, Jon&Kate and Michael Jackson in one week?! How am I supposed to deal with this?! I'm addicted to Star Trek the original series. Also have been watching reruns of Big Bang Theory. Geeky stuff.

I can't figure out if the "resident managers" in my building are still here. There were older, I keep thinking one of them died. They had a big van parked in the yard on the grass earlier in the week and now all of their stuff on their patio is gone except for a table, a chair, and an ashtray. Also, most of the cars in the parking lot have been gone all week. All of the people in my building are friends, I think, and somehow they are all labeled as resident managers. It's so confusing. I want to move. I have way too much junk and I just need an excuse to go through it all and get rid of some of it. I would really like to have a garage/yard sale, but have no garage or yard. I need to give the apartment a good cleaning, too, but I don't even know where to begin and I don't know where to go with anything. It's so frustrating.

Last weekend I went home for Cascade's 175th anniversary. It was pretty fun and I saw a lot of people. This weekend is the 4th of July and I'm not sure if I am going home again or staying here. Today (Friday) I have the day off of work and was planning on waking up early and cleaning but there were so many obstacles to overcome, so I gave up. I think I may go get at it now, though, because if the parents are coming tomorrow (which is a possibility), this place is not presentable. Also, I think one of my indoor plants is housing small knats. I keep seeing them around (they look like fruit flies), but I have no old fruit or veggies sitting around. Last night I picked up a few leaves to give the plant a good watering and several of these flies came out of it. It is so yucky.

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